Kaladar Shell

Shell Gas Station C-Store
Subway Store #55597
10201 Highway 41
Kaladar, ON K0H 1Z0

Phone: (613) 336-8679

Subway Restaurant:
(613) 336-0859

Products and Services We Offer:

  • Groceries
  • Shell Gasoline
  • Snacks
  • Subway Restaurant

Stop by for Fuel

Stay for Subway

Come to Kaladar Shell in Kaladar, ON for a healthy fast-food option. Owned by Mann and Gagan Gill, the Subway restaurant opened in July 2012. We welcome you whether you decide to try the restaurant after stopping for something else, or if you just come in for the Subway.

Come Try the Subway Restaurant

Looking for something better for you than the typical fast-food restaurants? Try the Subway restaurant at Kaladar Shell, and take advantage of the location to fuel up your vehicle or pick up
items from the convenience store, as well.